Woman in white of face withering

away with a wane look in eyes

pleas for penance for less than pensive

attitude towards the plight of

those who suffer seams of stress

time and again same as ever


she traverses, travels for that time

when she’d understand truth after all

she drowns and drenches in ditches

of the pure waters, drink for relief

from her callous crimes that cause

her infinitesimal catastrophic pain

* I tried.. for dverse Form for All. At least there is alliteration.. <<innocent>>

Remarkable Moment

Remarkable was the moment when,

it occurred to me-

Why do I stress myself when,

I have to anyhow deal with me.


Remarkable is the moment when,

I accept whatsoever happens to me-

Why do I care for something when,

it would definitely happen to me.


Remarkable would be the moment when,

I would accept the one that is me-

Why would I see to something else when,

I would have been me.