Right2Write Prompt 8: The Boy in the Red Vest

It is time for the next Right2Write Prompt. After extending the last prompt further for another week, we have two amazing poets who participated in that prompt, namely Helen Valentina and Andrew Geary. Do not forget to read their creations.

For this week’s prompt, I present to you a painting by a French artist, Paul Cezanne. It is named The Boy in the Red Vest.

It was painted between 1888-90. And it was stolen from a museum in Zurich in 2008, but it was finally recovered in Serbia in 2012. I hope this painting inspires you to create something of your own.

General Guidelines:-

1. Write a short-story, a poem or anything, inspired from this art piece. You may or may not use the name of the painting in your creation. It totally depends on you.

2. You can include the image in your blog post but please do remember to rightly credit to the artist.

3. Inform others of this prompt. It might help in increasing the number of participants.

4. Once you have submitted your link, try and visit the creations by other participants.

5. Oh! I forgot to add the linking widget. Please submit your links in the widget.

That is all. Have a good time writing!

Feast: A 100 Word Story

“Is this place haunted?” she asked shaking in the northeasterly freezing wind as much as in fear.

“I hope not.”

“Do we have to go inside?”

“I guess so. We have to finish our job.”

They had been asked to procure an ancient globe from the library of this monolith, by their professor.

“Ahem! Let’s go inside,” she moved ahead finding the massive door, which she pushed. It opened without any difficulty as if it had been in use forever. By the eerie look of that place, it was surprising.

“Welcome you two! The feast is ready,” a voice boomed.


* For Friday Fictioneers. Unfortunately, I missed last week’s prompt.

Branded: A Short Story

He saw the brand-mark just below her left breast as she tore open her shirt and he knew that he was to kill her before dawn.

“What are you looking at, sweets?”

“Ah! I am gazing at your perfect figure. You are beautiful,” he said sincerely. His eyes were still fixed on the hexagonal brand, which shone with multiple hues even in the almost dark room. The only light was that of the kerosene lamp on a nearby table.

“Then what are you doing there? Unzip your pants. I want you… oh baby! I have always wanted you,” she remarked seductively, touching herself.

He caressed his crotch and moved towards her. He reached for her and kissed her deeply, biting her lips. A drop of blood appeared which he licked. She moaned in response and got him out of his clothes.

“What would you want me… want me to do? I will do anything,” she was running her fingers through his dark brown hair as he explored her body through his tongue; his mind distracted in trying to find a way to end this demon. She was a childhood friend but now, she was branded. She was not herself anymore and the best he could do for her was to kill her.

He looked up to see her eyes glinting. They had gone violet. She had taken her cursed form.

“I… will… do… anything… for… you…,” her eyeballs were rolling out of control and she was trembling in his arms.

He shouted when she flayed her blistered tongue and abraded it across his lips through his nose to his forehead.

That was a very long night. There came no help in return of his shrieks; those who heard him envied him for his luck on finding a girl who could make him cry so lustily.


* For Trifecta.

Grim Day Haiku

grim day of no light

cold wind prickling tender skin

a single drop clings


a single drop clings

others emerge from within

the whole being shivers


the whole being shivers

long look at a far distance

no light this grim day

* For MindLoveMisery’s Photo Prompt.

Right2Write Prompt 3: Yarn

Okay, time for the next Right2Write prompt. But before that, let me tell you that there was only a single submission last week. Come on writers, pick up your pens and if you have certain suggestions for the prompts, please recommend your ideas to me. I will definitely heed them to bring about good prompts for you all. And you can still write for the past prompts.

So, it was Melanie who interpreted the movie The Princess Bride in her words in quite an interesting way. You can read her post here.

For this week’s prompt, I am thinking of posting a photograph, for you all to get inspired and write, even if it is just two words. I’d certainly be glad if you participate.

So, here is the photograph-

Yarn (copyright- me)


I hold the copyright to this photograph. So, kindly insert the photograph in your post, linking it back to me. Thank you.

I have titled the photograph Yarn but it isn’t necessary for you to use the very word or anything related to it in your creation. Be creative and look through the photograph and find something to write about.

I guess, the photograph, this time, is quite interesting. A nice poem could be written based on it. Oh well I am just musing.

So, the rules:-

1. Write a short-story or a poem based on the photograph.

2. Add your link to the linking widget down below.

3. Try and visit the submissions by other writers.

4. Spread the word around. Promote it. Re-blog or just tell your followers about it. Since, this is still a new prompt, it would take time to gather up more participants and that would definitely make it a more interesting writing arena, don’t you think?

That is all. I’ll be visiting your posts. Look for me next Saturday for another prompt.

Right2Write Prompt 1: Departing Sun

Hello everyone,

I am thinking of introducing another new thing on the blog today, after having started a vocabulary enriching adventure. You can find more about it here.

Now what I am going to start is a writing prompt. Yes, you read it right. Another writing prompt to bring about another sleepless night in your lives when you keep wondering about it. And it is called Right2Write. Silly name, huh? But my mind isn’t working. So be it.. it is going to be called Right2Write Prompt.

I will be putting up a new challenge every weekend and you have to write a piece of poetry/short story/or whatsoever the challenge demands you to write. The word constraints would be informed when the challenge is proposed. Simple!?

So please spread the word around and invite other bloggers/writers to participate, not only those who are a member of the wordpress community but also those who write on other blogging domains like blogger, tumblr, typepad, livejournal, etc.) Those who do not manage a blog are also invited to post their pieces in the comments down below. And I will post it on the blog crediting them.

For this weekend’s challenge, I bring forth for all of you, a visual writing prompt.

Departing Sun

Departing Sun

* I hold the copyright to this image. Please remember to mention it after you add it in your post and link it back to me. Thank you.

Guidelines for this weekend’s Right2Write Prompt:-

1. Write a short story (word count: 100-500 words) or a poem (50 lines max.) based on the picture. You can include the image in your post.

2. Add your link to the linking plugin below. Do not forget to read and comment on other participants’ submissions. That is all and come next weekend for another prompt.

Note: It is not compulsory to write keeping in mind the name of the photograph which is Departing Sun. You can write in any way you want and give your own name to your submission.


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Yet another note: I am sorry if you are not able to see the image of the linking plugin. I am still working on it. And if you could help me, please do suggest me on how to fix it.

You can still submit the link to your work by clicking on the link in blue.

Green Paddy (Aota) Haiku

the green lines swaying

sweet gentle hands caressing

prospering paddy

*After being on a vacation, it seems I have to get into the flow of writing haiku once again. I hope you all would bear with me and support me in my haiku writing endeavor. This is written in response of the Carpe Diem # 228.