She sneaks behind me,

walking my shadow along incensed path.

She kindles the fiery spirit encompassed in me.

People ask, “Do you see her much?”

I do.

She is before I am.

I am her. My nature she is…

She is me.


*For Yeah Write Weekly Writing Challenge.

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Embracing Invisibility

I embrace invisibility of air,

and cling to it, but falling down,

unsupported by vapours and gas,

smacking my chin, squashing in and

teeth of the lower jaw, rising high

and high, ploughing into the tongue,

to let the blood rivulets surge out,

to taint red the invisibility of air,

and flush it with sinful crimson

of my hurt, rendering it visible

to my eye, because a victim I’m

of nature’s treachery, of ennui

of the evanescent air, I now

wipe away the rest of it from

my kaput lips, my persistent

psyche has me close my eyes,

to see none of matter of mine,

embracing the air in gratuity,

clung to our likeness, after

donning in me that invisibility


For dVerse Poetics. It will take me a while to visit you but I would find my way to your writing space and dwell in your words for sometime.

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Last Glimpse

tracing torn path of life,

I tickle tired fingers of words,

engrave pictures on my dead skin,


a glow then comes upon the sky,

spread over by dusk,

tending to me with a smile,


still some clouds lift to

give the last glimpse, of the sun,

so I can hear the voice of her flame


The poem comes into being by the rearrangement and slight editing of some of my tweets today. The “sixwords” and micro poetry tweets used are:

tracing the torn path of life #sixwords

hear the voice of candle’s flame #sixwords

only a glimpse of her smile #sixwords

tickling tired fingers of my words #sixwords

the sky had glowed all of a sudden,

even though the dusk was growing,

some clouds had lifted to

give the last glimpse of the sun #micropoetry

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Republish: Right2Write Prompt 7: Flowers and Cattle


There were no entries for this prompt, which I posted last week. Instead of devising a new prompt, I would like to republish it in hopes that some one would get inspired by the photograph and write something, submitting it to the linking widget.

And if there would be no entries, I would be shutting down the prompt because it has no meaning without the participants. Have a good day!

I have taken permission from a fellow photography blogger who pictures the beautiful land of Arkansas. His blog is named, guess what, under the skies of Arkansas. Please give him a visit; I promise you would be enraptured by his amazing skills.

I had asked him to use a photograph named Flowers and Cattle for this week’s visual prompt and he allowed me to do so. So here is the photograph:

Certain guidelines:-

1. You have to write a poem or a short story, inspired from this photograph.

2. Please do include the photograph in your post, crediting it correctly by linking back to the photographer’s website.

3. Submit your link to the linking widget below. You can submit multiple links if you want.

4. Please try to visit the submissions of other participants. And let other bloggers know about the prompt, so that they can also participate.

Have a good time, flexing your creative muscles.