That creepy fellow…

it was a dull knock, or may be I was too much in sleep, to know of it,

but it awakened me, for its resonance pounded across the walls,

of the mind that seems to do, what it deems fit, always and anyways,


opening my eyes was though difficult, what with all the gooey stuff,

I rubbed them, and tried to look for the light switch,

but it was already so bright, so white… it was the clear night,


and there was a silhouette, at my window… I asked, “Who is it?”

“Let me in and I will tell you what I am” “Come in”

the glass was shattered, into small mirrors, which did not reflect


the dark personage of the man, who stealthily came in,

“Now tell me who are you?” I asked dubiously and

for an answer, what I got, was a slap on the head,


“You fool… I come at night, at the window, asking for

the permission, to enter your shelter, and you call me in,

who did you think I was… your mother?”


his face was mysterious, but for a white sheen, at his lips,

“Uhm… Mum, is that really you? But how did you come, to

have this manly voice, and why are you…”


but my lips were pinched shut, before I could complete,

“Grrr…. are you joking with me? Don’t you know who I am?”

“Uh… like some creepy fellow… uhm… I am not of age yet,”


that was all I managed to say, through my lips, fingered by him,

and then was when, he shrieked in agony, “Crap.. Shit…”

his hand was deflected back, to somewhere unknown,


as he kept on wailing and shaking, so badly,

“What happened… you alright… buddy?” I stood up to him,

“Don’t you dare, bring those lips near to me…,


What did ya have for dinner? A ton of raw garlic…”

his eyes were watery, and I wondered why he was crying,

“Uhm… I had some chutney- of course garlic and onion”


“Whoop! I will come see you, another day…. no, night”

“Okay… you leaving?” “Of course” and he was gone;


in the morning, I got up, aromatic… smiling

at the glorifying odor emerging from my mouth…

“Ah!” and also with a phone number written over


my night t-shirt… “Call me when you haven’t had

anything close to garlic for dinner-> 4-18-1-3-21-12-1”

“Never… I am a garlic boy, and I always eat garlic,”

I stated, to the whole wide world, with a grin


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Well, that is the height of silliness. My mind has gone awry, I guess.

It is supposed to be written for dVerse Poetics theme today of the Halloween monsters, shown in a different light/humorous tone.

Hope you solved the cryptic phone number. It is easy, I know but I couldn’t think of anything clever to add, instead.