Five-Minute Riot

they streamed out,

in quick succession—

holding handkerchiefs

to their noses, some

emerged with their eyes

watering, others were


siren blaring the coda

to what unfolded

inside, burning eyes,


the five-minute riot


sense of accomplishment,

to the bingeing

on bad behaviour,


a gross miscalculation,

the plan nixed, to allow

today’s debacle,



A 55-word erasure poem for Imaginary Garden With Real Toads. Worded after massive erasing of text but in serial order of course, from here.

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Samidare (Midsummer Rain) Haiku


music of rain on pavement

lost in memories


out of oblivion

clouds shade the sky in its cloak

the first drops fell down


a midsummer rain

relieving yearning pupils

a solace from heat


elevated Sun

drizzling clouds in the sunshine

look for the rainbow


the midsummer’s day

longest in glory and rays

washed down by the rain


looking through window

a play of the rain droplets

meditating life

* Written in response of Carpe Diem # 219

leaving for her journey

Hello bloggers,

I got a wonderful opportunity to work with the lovely Merbear and you know what, we ended up creating this poem together. Please read and share your views.

leaving for her journey

She was binding her hair in a bun

Readying herself for the journey ahead

Which may take her to distances unknown

Bring in her the sense of being alive

She had never felt ever before

She was leaving behind all her fears

For the adventure that awaited her


Her stomach coiled like a snake

Past torments licking at her heels

Dare she run so fast and proud?

Her life not worthy of a fairy tale

She sighs so loudly she startles herself

Trapped emotions needing to meet air

Praying to breathe air


The stream of tears fell down her cheeks

Which she didn’t even care to wipe away

She was looking for a happy ending

Which she had to find herself in her own way

She picked up her hand bag of happy memories

And moved ahead towards her cage door

And pushed it open, it wasn’t locked


Desperate echoes of her soul

Beckoning to her aching heart

Calling her to where she needs to be

She trembles with trepidation

Limbs weakened by the struggle

Her life never drawn before

By her own personal design


She was never meant to be free

Doubts crossing her mind

When she had just seen the sunshine

But she would never return back

And thence, she flies away

Its true leaving is difficult but

Once you have left, it is easy not to turn back


Then the breeze whispered her name

A lullaby warm and soothing

Like balm for her battered soul

Bringing her back to herself

Oh, she thought she had been lost!

Smiling inside herself with pure joy

For her true path was known all along


her life

she was the woman with dark kohl shaded eyes

with the vocals so resplendent and unique,

in her presence, the morning sun seemed to rise,

she was at her career’s, passion’s highest peak

when got tarnished by some bitter addiction

and her life became a popular fiction,

she is now gone, lost her war with her devils

but her true to soul baritone voice revels…


Poetic form- Rispetto


1. 8 eleven-syllable lines, usually one stanza only.

2. Rhyme scheme- ababccdd.

3. Not much of a rule, but traditionally dedicated to a woman.

The Evil

The evil stands up when I stand

It sleeps beside me on the bed

It is there when I eat

And also when I try to read and write

I feel its presence-

A chill descends upon my body

And my soul craves to run there and then

But I am lost

I want that evil to stand up when I stand

To sleep beside me on the bed

Be there when I eat

Also when I read and write

I want its presence around me

Because that evil is no one but me.

That evil is no one but me

Me being responsible for my deeds

I hurt myself

I kick myself in the shins

That evil is no one but me

That evil is no one but me…

That evil is no one but me

I am the one who deals with me

 I am the one who is my worst enemy

I am responsible for everything 

Everything, everything, everything

That evil is no one but me…

I do not know

who I am


I struggle to see

myself within


I do not know

who I am


I can’t find