ritual of words

layered blood-thick, brown-washed,
on the walls of my restive seclusion —

the elemental, egregious thoughts fight
against the other for more screen-time —

tea dregs & shunted ideas pass through
grey matter, spilling out cranial fluids
of creative flow —

acid, sweat, water — the dust of dread,
the diligence of death —

how the ritual of words is mired in
the affliction of being.


© Anmol Arora

Linking it up with The Tuesday Platform at WRT where I am hosting this week — I have proposed an optional challenge to write a poem in praise of one’s source of inspiration for the last day of the poetry month.
My #30Days30Poems can be found here.

Day 30
(Inter)National Poetry Month

Wet Day

sky riddled with clouds-
they rival fog’s foam blanket
on this wet day
ah, a travesty-
the pale blue sky reflected
in a pool of mud


A gentle effort to write something, after reading this awe-inspiring haiku by Sogi:
ah, for coolness,
it rivals the water’s depth –
this autumn sky

Linking it up with Carpe Diem Special # 125.
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Directing A Poem by Charlie Zero

My internet connection has been troubling me a lot, yet again and therefore, I couldn’t stay online for more than five to ten minutes in the last two days. It seems alright now but you never know. I have missed your posts but I would soon get back to your sites. At least, I hope so.

But beyond these things, I want to introduce you all to some one. He is a modern poet with an unflinching voice. I’d say he is unconventional and a brilliant artisan in crafting such images, that will make you squirm in horror and nodding along, when you relate them to the modern world. He is Charlie Zero who holds a blog by the name of Cyberpunk, Avant Garde, Flarf, Surrealism, Visionary, & Electronic void.

I am glad that he agreed to share his poetic style and his influences with us all today. I’d now hand over the writing space to Charlie.

Hello! Greetings to you all…

My name is Charlie Zero; it is such a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Today I will be discussing my poetic styles, techniques, and influences.
I will also be discussing the unconventional method of my writings as best as possible, to my knowledge and the best of me explaining things simple and not complex.

I’ve always been influenced, and inspired by all the great dead heroes of our time. Beginning with one of my favorite writers of all time and what started it for me in writing was: Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher/Poet. He captured my attention since middle school and jumping onto high school. If it wasn’t for my friend introducing me to Nietzsche, I would not be here today writing such bizarre poetry that anyone till’ this day is able to comprehend.

Maybe that’s just me being me. I love writing and doing what I do best and that is to create and evolve.  William Gibson, Aldous Huxley, Dante, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Allen Ginsberg, Timothy Leary, Socrates, Jim Morrison, George Orwell, Arthur Kroker, Aleister Crowley, Charles Darwin, Arthur C. Clarke, Stanley Kubrick, Philip K Dick, and many more are considered by me, the radicals of the 19th and 20th century.

My style of writing pretty much came from ‘Nietzsche’ then afterwards my mind started to shift into different sets of styles. I told myself if I ever wanted to be a good writer, I would have to be a director. I put myself in a director’s chair; keep in mind I’m the writer, producer, and film director of what is happening in my world. All the special effects of my writings are treated equally on the reader’s imagination. You see I don’t need a camera to direct a good poem; I’ve already achieved my goal with creating, and visualizing my own world of any possibilities to opening up vistas of reality.

Visual with creating and assembling patterns on a paper gives me an understanding into the universe and the world in what is happening just by staring at a blank page. You see the paper is the world you want to fill in the empty spots. If you want to see more words you need only to paint your art and see your work come to life.

Let me ask the reader this question: If I haven’t already decapitated the poem, then look closely and you’ll see how the poem itself will start to rise from the ashes and give birth to something that’s so unusual and un-explainable.
I would call that a masterpiece, nothing more.

My unconventional usage for my style of writing comes in the form of my imagination. The way I understand the world is something I like to be able to turn the world, the other way around. Instead of me seeing the obvious of what others interpret, I create something that is out of the blue and out of this world, as if aliens have spiritually invaded my visions. I create something that I know it hasn’t been read before or seen before in anyone’s mind. Again I am the director of my own movie and the way I see this world is unconventional, it has all the prospects- positive, negative, beauty, ugliness, God & Devil, Above & Below. My consciousness has a built in manufactured company that has little engineer men operating on my A.I. brain. Everybody in this world will always criticize and judge me on something that they themselves don’t understand.

Poetry to me is a question mark; I don’t think it should be answered.

Maybe I didn’t explain myself right on and to the point…but this is as far as I can help you, the reader fully understand what and how my methods can be used while writing poetry, giving the poet an opportunity, to try experimenting with words. I am a scientist who experiments with style, techniques, and unconventional methods. Like Frankenstein who was created by a scientist, I’ve created a Frankenstein of my own, and that is my dreams and nightmares – the imagination on the human brain, its pure mysteries and wonders…

Remember there will always be people who will criticize and be harsh on your writings. We’re living in the 21st century. Times have changed for all poets. It is time to challenge the minds of all poets with our imagination and nothing more.

Well, wasn’t that interesting? I got to learn so much about him and his poetic style today. I thank you, Charlie, for sharing it with us all. And I know, you all are now interested to read some of Charlie’s works. So, what are you waiting for? Do go and visit his website.

In case you are interested to share words on this site, you can contact me at hamusesanewtune@gmail.com.

A Scarecrow Life

the life of a scarecrow

poses like a crucifix shadow,

waiting to pick at his own scabs,

scaring away the light,

persevering the darkness,

rife with stagnancy,

day after day, night after night,

beheading the grievous crows,

and hooking up their hearts,

to the smothered shirt sleeve,

picking at those feathers,

chewing away their juices,

drowning in pools of blood,

left to speculate, ponder

at the growing cacti,

burning in the moon light,

when he spits and urinates

his wretched purposes,

creating a raucous,

wailing with the guts of owls,

and as the sun rays dawn,

he takes up his place,

claiming lecherous life

of cackling appearances,

posing like a crucifix shadow,

waiting to pick at his own scabs


* My friend Charlie Zero wrote the lines (now in italics) as a comment to a scarecrow haiku I posted yesterday. He further suggested me that I could write a poem out of those lines because I had certainly liked them. Isn’t that great? Those lines acted as an inspiration to me. Thanks to Charlie. Please do visit his site. He writes some wonderful poetry, unconventional and very true-to-face in nature.

Right2Write Prompt 8: The Boy in the Red Vest

It is time for the next Right2Write Prompt. After extending the last prompt further for another week, we have two amazing poets who participated in that prompt, namely Helen Valentina and Andrew Geary. Do not forget to read their creations.

For this week’s prompt, I present to you a painting by a French artist, Paul Cezanne. It is named The Boy in the Red Vest.

It was painted between 1888-90. And it was stolen from a museum in Zurich in 2008, but it was finally recovered in Serbia in 2012. I hope this painting inspires you to create something of your own.

General Guidelines:-

1. Write a short-story, a poem or anything, inspired from this art piece. You may or may not use the name of the painting in your creation. It totally depends on you.

2. You can include the image in your blog post but please do remember to rightly credit to the artist.

3. Inform others of this prompt. It might help in increasing the number of participants.

4. Once you have submitted your link, try and visit the creations by other participants.

5. Oh! I forgot to add the linking widget. Please submit your links in the widget.

That is all. Have a good time writing!

Red Clay and Roses: The Story Behind the Story

As promised, here is the guest post by the author of Red Clay and Roses, S.K. Nicholls herself, where she discusses the inspiration behind her book. I have already reviewed the book myself. If you haven’t read it, you can read it here. To know more about the book, please click here. Without any further ado, I hand over the writing space to her.

I am honored to be invited to do a guest post on the site of Howanxious.  It is a privilege to be on the same site with so much beautiful and spiritually moving poetry and some very thoughtful and honest book reviews.  I first want to say that my book is a faction; a cross between fiction and truth.  I wrote what happened and did not set out to write a novel.  Publishing was not planned.  I was encouraged to publish after friends read the manuscript.  I have learned so very much from the WordPress community since that time and feel honored also to be among so many talented writers.  I am planning to write more and with serious thought to design and construct.

Howanxious and I discussed a topic for today’s guest post and we decided that a post on the inspiration behind the book would be appropriate.  As I mentioned, the book is fiction based on a true story, otherwise known as a “Faction Novel”.  For that reason, I had limited control on what would happen to the characters, and basically wrote about things that happened based on a collection of stories from my own experiences in getting to know the characters in real life and the characters they exposed me to through their own stories, their tragedies and triumphs.

Finding the Ledger in 1992 was the impetus for the story in Red Clay and Roses.I did not want the stories of the real people and characters to be forgotten.  The book has two primary themes:  Racism and women’s reproductive rights and responsibilities.  These are two themes which are sensitive and delicate, and often ignored in literature or skimmed over briefly.  I sought to provide a more in depth and personal examination.

There are political and spiritual overtones in the book.  Much research of factual historical matter was woven into the story for posterity’s sake.  My inspirations for writing this book were twofold:

1. Civil Rights: The love of my grandchildren and my desire to see them grow up in a world that is not only tolerant, but accepting of people of color with full integration and understanding, and without bigotry.

I have two mixed race grandchildren.  I raised my children to not see color in their observations of people. White people often do not understand the anger of blacks or other people of color because we have not suffered the oppression and effects of bigotry.  Red Clay and Roses examines the history of those oppressions; the bigotry that existed in the 1950& 60’s, the dilemmas faced by those who suffered through the era before the Jim Crow Laws were repealed and then enforced in the South, and how life was for people as they attempted to acclimate to the new law. I wanted to record that history of the Civil Rights Movement in context to the characters of the story. People tend to forget that it was once not only inappropriate to mingle and mix with people of color; it was actually against the law to do so in many places. I want my offspring and others to know and understand where they came from, and where they need to go if we are to more forward and progress to the point where we are truly “post racial”.

2. Women’s Rights: A strong desire to present the realities of the world as it was for women before Roe vs. Wade.

In Red Clay and Roses, many women from many different situations and backgrounds are faced with the issue of pregnancy when it was not expected.  There were no birth control pills in that era (until 1960), and women’s rights and resources were minimal.  They often resorted to unimaginable tactics and were faced with unmentionable horrors in their plight to assume some sense of control over their lives.   Chauvinism perpetuated those horrors.  It was not my desire to choose sides with respect to the prolife or/& prochoice movements, but merely to give examples of the reality of the world for women when their choices were so severely limited.  It was also an opportunity to demonstrate the complexities of adoption and share how that option changes outcome.  I had worked with the National Organization for Women (NOW) in my college years and had much experience in working with young women who were like-minded in fighting for women’s rights.  Those rights are tempered with major responsibilities and the book explores those.

Finding the ledger, hearing the true stories of the history of it from the real people who were involved in its origin was most inspiring.Real life is not always pretty.  Red Clay and Roses was my way of recording what the ledger truly represented in my mind.  The ending was bittersweet, and my only regret is that in the writing of the book, staying true to the story, I was unable to dedicate much upon the many positive effects of our history and of our progress away from that which was about to destroy us as a free society.

That really makes us think about the society and the various notions which can make life a difficult prospect for some, doesn’t it? I know you are now interested in reading the book. Grab a copy for your Amazon Kindle. The book is also available in various other formats like pdf, epub, etc. So you do not have to worry if you haven’t got Kindle. Moreover, a paperback version of the book will be available soon. Visit the following links for more information regarding the very same-




Barnes and Noble