Escape: A Haibun

I was tired of the noise of the house- the TV set at high volume and the loud conversations. Hence, I decided to escape to the streets but it was a bad idea and yet, a fascinating one. As I trotted along the black tarmac, I was deaf with so many sound arrows shot, piercing my ears. I bled. It was a torture. The loudspeakers were advertising some silly newspaper, blurting out a headline of some corrupt doctors.

streets of the city

loudspeakers attacking ears

no respite from noise

The thing that was fascinating for me was the rapidly growing construction sites all around. A few years back, one wouldn’t have found so many sprawling business houses, with the hoards of bikes rarely missing each other on the busy street. There was the jam of peddlers and those behind the steering wheels. An accident could take place anytime.

packed with vehicles

busy streets bound by crowds

fascinating view

It was fascinating. It was a torture. It is an experience, I get every time I decide to walk on these streets. It is similar to the whirl-winding streets of my mind. A fascinating torture of my rapidly coursing thoughts and those ideas that are constructed to be broken, paving the way for the new ones, every single minute. I can escape those streets of the city but there is no way out of those, that exist in me.

thoughts and ideas

jamming the streets of the mind

there is no escape

* For Ligo Haibun Challenge.

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During the innocent childhood years, I was suggested not to eat or drink anything as long as the eclipse lasts. Along with my siblings, I would restrain myself as long as I could from breaking this notion. But I was always the one to restrain myself from believing in these superstitions and thus, I would go and eat something.

dark mole on the sun

shy away from food or drink

I sneak an almond

While mother would have gone to school, my sister would put aside some wheat to be given to the underprivileged as alms, who would come after the eclipse, banging steel utensils asking for some or the other charitable thing.

banging heard

the sun has come free

donate wheat


* For Carpe Diem # 311. It is the first anniversary of Carpe Diem. Congratulations to Kristjaan and all the contributors.

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Labyrinthine Life: A Haibun

Sometimes you find yourself abandoned, lost- suffocating in the labyrinthine arms of life. There is no way you could get out of it, but one last option you have been thinking of lately; still unable to decide if you are capable of enacting upon it. I have thought a lot many times of how it would feel to be falling down a building… what all thoughts would go through the mind, what all emotions would shroud over those dead eyes.

falling down

unfathomable feelings


Or would it be just numbness; I don’t know of it but I can imagine as I try blindly, moving here and there so that something magical could happen to bring me to where the string is present of destiny… so that I could untangle it because it is definitely messed up right now.

string of destiny

solution for labyrinth

still unfound

And I fall down somewhere in the darkness. Now I sit looking at nothing, feeling nothing, but still with that wish for a magical transformation of what has been bestowed to me by my life.

labyrinth of life

wait for that magical spell

feeling of nothing


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Music Therapy Haibun

There are certain moments when you don’t want to think. You need your mind to cease to rotate the cog-wheels of the entire thought process. These are the moments when I seek some loud music to make my ears hurt so that I could find my escape from my own mind. The high-pitch noise of the songs sound somehow pleasant to me. But the smooth calming songs also work because i tend to hum along with them. There are some songs that punch me in the gut, leaving me dazed and there are some which makes me feel at peace. The best ones are also the worst ones because they make me vibrate and touch me at the ever present gaping hole of my chest, I so try to hide; listening to them is like laughing and weeping simultaneously.

music therapy

flee from the disturbing thoughts

lost in the lyrics


the best and worst songs

finding dark hole in the chest

laughingly weeping

Illusion: A Haibun

Illusion or reality- that shrouds my vision obscuring from me the truth that lies before me. There is a grey cover hiding a round object on the table. That object is what I seek, that object is what will give me a much-needed direction in life. I move gradually towards that wooden structure on which rests my fate, my destiny. I thrust my hand forward and carefully pick up the grey curtain, which when hurled away would lead me to the view of what the future holds for me. I am numb but I made myself see the object. It is a glass orb. I pick it up and all I see is haze and nothing else. Illusion or reality- that plagues my vision obscuring from me the truth that lies nowhere before me.

a hazy future

illusion of the glass orb

directionless life

* For Ligo Haibun Challenge.

Moment: A Haibun


As I pave my way on the wet sand, there are those marks left behind but only for a while; soon to be swept away by the rushing sea waves. The sea breeze is warm and cold at the same time and plays with my hair. It is at this moment when I turn towards the horizon, where one could see the mating sea and sky. I am falling in love with this scene but it is only a few minutes time when I would get a summon of leaving behind this moment which won’t ever come again. It is like those footprints I talked about. Oh! They are already melted into the waters . I must as well disappear into this wind. But I was here and that moment was here with me. A tiny kernel of sand would one day tell you this story; it is for you to believe or not.

leaving behind me

a moment of memory

temporary marks


*For Carpe Diem Kamishbai # 3. The prompt is to write a haibun inspired by the above photograph and the following haiku by Jane Reichhold:-

smooth sand

chasing children down the beach

their foot prints

moon beam

The moon peered down at me through the haze, while I stool silent, lost in the reverent atmosphere. The sound of the waves was enriching and it filled my soul with a longing. And it seemed the tears would make an appearance but it wasn’t so. Their time hadn’t yet come because my longing wasn’t yet acknowledged by my soul. It was just a fleeting balloon away from the reach of my touch. But then the haze parted and the moon beam descended on me and I could see my flesh in the dark and I knew I was a breathing creature, not merely a conscious flying away in the oblivion. I recognized my longing and then those tears, I loathed and loved at the same time, spilled out but there were just a few of them. May be it was just meant to be so.

a piercing moon beam

all the past wounds torn open

realizing tears flow