snow like petals
line the path to twilight-
a crystal like sky


the mirror reflects again
the moon at night’s door


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Written in consideration of Carpe Diem Encore # 15

This is to be counted as Poem # 6 for my 30 Days, 30 Poems Challenge. I am really tired and sleep deprived; I am thus not able to write a verse poem. Though these two haiku took a lot of my energy as well.


a bud reaches out

conjured by the smoke whirls-

day light blows off


green tunnel of trees-

a boy from a passing bus

plucks a specked leaf


An inactive spell has infiltrated my mind and my senses nowadays. And here I wrote what I saw in a memory or a dream, when it arrived at my door of current thought.

For Carpe Diem # 507 and the upcoming prompt of Heeding Haiku With HA on Wedbesday, where I talk about improvising our haiku by taking care of certain details while writing. Do not forget to visit Mind Love Misery’s Menagerie for a variety of writing prompts throughout the week,

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beneath the fiery moon

with a nightly sheen


moon goddess

sister of the sun god

ruling the sky


ready with her bow

ethereal goddess shoots-

echoes the cry of prey


at Ephesus

the virgin lady once stood

with her huntress gaze


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For Carpe Diem # 330.


hush October wind

gently blow away the leaves

under misty sun


bereft of leaves

fruit of lives would be lost

cackling crow calls


plucking death away

one leaf and then the next

cleansing autumn wind


* For Carpe Diem Distillation # 4 where we are prompted to write haiku by distilling the poem, October, by Robert Frost.

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