after sunset

the single lamp glowers
like a stray dog caught in dishonour —

smoke rises from the lips of a cracked
sky, engines backfire, our staccato breaths
hold our words near, by each other’s side,

as we reflect over the absolute need
to be detached from people, from every-
thing, like the smile of a wicked flower
that is about to fall to pieces —

our tea turns colder by the minute,
our talks do not have the urgency of life,
we are sailing our friend-ship without
its anchor, uprooting planks and prod-
ding needs and exchanges, required
of us — the emotional labour doesn’t
have an eight-hour ending period
of a working (not for me) day,

so we slurp, &gulp down the remains of it
from our vessels — all the words strewn
between us like aimless ash of a charred sun.

© Anmol Arora

Day 25
(Inter)National Poetry Month


3 thoughts on “after sunset

  1. sanaarizvi says:

    Firstly, I absolutely love the artwork you have chosen to accompany your poem 😀 and second … this is incredibly heartfelt .. raw in its portrayal of emotions (or in case of some people the lack of it) keeping in mind the current events of the world. Sometimes we need space from people because we just do .. life is so crazy nowadays that we at times don’t even get a single moment to catch our breath .. let alone entertain long conversations .. on the other hand .. friendships ( there may be exceptions 🙂 ) do not possess the same camaraderie that use to exist in simpler times. Arz kia hai …

    “Tum takhalluf ko bhi ikhlaas samajtay ho ‘Faraz’
    Dost hota nahin har haath milanay wala.”



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