only tall lines

as I do in the dawn of a dream
grabbing a scene to grieve, to see
the pathos of straight buildings
ready to eat sky, already stroking
the clouds like a cloth against
a rosy cheek, hurting sultry skin.

and every day gets straighter in
my eyes, every curve becomes line
that goes on with no end in sight,
there is nothing that is revealed
in the confounding arms of dusk.

an artist doth sketch the river
of a life, pebbled, pricked, blood-
ied, stabbed, soaking all stories,
like a sponge submerged into
intricacies, that are no longer
there, there are only tall lines.

Image source: Art by Paul Klee

For With Real Toads.

10 thoughts on “only tall lines

  1. Somehow being caught in that morning thoughts the way dawn set us straight with the oppression.. There is a strong feeling of being pushed unwillingly into conformance that to me seem as the struggle to grow up, but I might be wrong. Hope you are all well Anmol.


  2. perspective pics are cool as they give an interesting depth…and all pull back to that one point…or two…but if we get so locked into our own perspectives…we will start to see all straight lines….and miss the curves others will share with us…


  3. Your third stanza leaves me contemplating… is it not good to go past the intricacies that are no longer there and reach upward as the tall lines? Or do we need the curves rounding out of sight more? Very nice. I like this.


  4. Plum says:

    “to see
    the pathos of straight buildings”

    “like a sponge submerged into

    These are my favorites. Great sound.


  5. ready to eat sky – and every curve becomes line… those were the two parts that stuck out most for me… paul klee was a master in line making… and luckily not all of them were straight


  6. Trials and tribulations of an artist, HA.
    Tears of a keyboard writer, words bleared in the tears, only blank screen now staring with a dare-me-to-do-it-again smirk.
    Sinking feeling of a dad going to jail to bail his young son out.
    Stuff happens.


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