Winter Morning

the vibratory sounds of the morning,

attuned to the deep breaths of sleeping,

silences the crowd of me in myself,

and tis’ the moment, I hear the life

of those out there, tucked within

their blankets, of wool and velvet,

and those enfolded, in coils of frost,

grey fog, and the bite of winter song


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I am writing very less and that is one contributing factor among others, for not being regular on wordpress.

9 thoughts on “Winter Morning

  1. Johnny Ojanpera says:

    This lull seems to be going around like a flu. It always ends. 🙂 Your writing doesn’t seem to have suffered. It truly is “the bite of the Winter song”.


  2. I can see and feel the bite of the winter song ~ Nothing wrong with taking a writing break and handling your personal affairs ~ Hope the new year will find you peaceful & joyful ~ Cheers ~


  3. I can feel this piece. Even right now and it is nighttime. I have missed reading your work , but I have been unable to get my ‘reader time’ in these past few months. Life gets in the way but it is okay. I keep telling myself that WP is always here and will be here when I can get back on – we are here for you and will always be. Xx


  4. I was absolutely touch with this one. Great job on that. Keep on doing it but of course, take a break whenever you like, after all its holidays. personal life comes first before everything virtual, isn’t it?


  5. hard to get anything started when the chill sets in…winter truly bites hard sometimes. enjoyed your poem, HA.
    prosperous and healthy new 2014 to you.
    warm cheers!


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