Remember… to forget

I lost my view of portrait I’d once seen,

of lady twining together her tears,

no longer can I remember that scene,


elapsed colors of her skin, blue and green,

the drowning balloon of sun in the rear,

I lost my view of the portrait once seen,


her lapel eyes dark-circled waning sheen,

gazing deep with a vision of a seer,

no longer can I remember that scene,


my loss matching hers, memory swept clean,

blinding kohl we have tinged in our eyes, smear(ed),

to lose the view of things we had once seen,


my thoughts jumbled, the dots blurred, I careen

to deter what might have become a fear,

no longer shall I remember that scene,


I try hard to recall her grief serene,

to wipe it away and draw a veneer,

to lose the sight of portrait I’d once seen,

no longer would I remember that scene

20 thoughts on “Remember… to forget

  1. Anx, the concept, brill. The idea of trying to conjure a memory you’ve let slip… the kohl eye liner (it always runs, doesn’t it?), the rhyme scheme… this feels like a form, but darned if I can remember it. Lush texture to this, and a deep melancholy. Thanks, Amy


  2. quite a powerful moment there…of recalling that moment but then letting it slip…there is a nice irony in the title of this piece amnol…really worked very nice to form as well….


  3. Glenn Buttkus says:

    I really liked the line /the drowning balloon as sun/ Like Bjorn, you lurch ever forward unafraid of the constraints & parameters of classic form, & a powerful poem emerges within those restrictions; super congrats on making it seem so effortless.


  4. Villanelle/ekphrasis–I forgot about both in the hold of you stanzas where I was torn between remembering and forgetting a piece of self. Let it blur, let it be no longer! It’s like ripping up a heart.


  5. Brendan says:

    This has the same cast as the painting, surreal and disjointed, composed of memories stretched thin by grief. The incantory meters worked for me. – Brendan


  6. Enchanting melody mixed with heartbreaking words, I loved it HA, even tho the poem itself requires a far better praise then that, I simply feel bad saying something was beautiful when it hits an emotional nail like this.


  7. love the lilting quality you’ve captured in this Villanelle form…the words… sad reminders of scenes one would always want to remember (or forget) of a love gone, passionately written yet controlled, very well written.


  8. (“can you save me from myself from these memories … will I ever forget to remember” )
    I can hear your poem being read towards the end of a movie to music that builds and falls away–I don’t know:) I just liked it


  9. Villanelles can be very limiting with the precise and necessary repitions; yet you turn that to your advantage. In a poem deleting images and impact of a painting, you break it down and engage the elements of a work by employing them to paint your own picture. Well done.


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