Sinking within

Under the Dome

illuminated by a dense glow,

of those who care to see,

her marble bodice cold,

within the dreary dome,

she persists, she subsists,

an old doll of drab colors,

daunted by the wise world,

veiled by the ignorant haze,

that clouds the sight of most,

she is a story imbued in a soul,

drunk with the discovery,

of her self, of her psych,

she can not bear burdens,

of her own noxious nature,

and thus she rests alone,

fortified by her deceptions,

keeping, making her captive,

to her own designs, believing

when she shades her eyes,

she vanishes, but always

there is someone watching

over her, finding her but

then moving ahead, no one

has got the time for those

sinking within their own beings


The photograph is by Jennifer McNeill. You can find more of her photographs at her flickr profile.

I am linking it up with the Imaginary garden with real toads’ Artistic Interpretations prompt.

20 thoughts on “Sinking within

  1. “she is a story imbued in a soul,” Ha! I picked the same as Sherry! I do love that as well!

    I also really love your closing sentiments…kind of a kick in the bottom to those who like to throw pity-parties and never make any thing of their greatness always expecting someone to do it for them.

    Great write!


  2. Brendan says:

    This is an interesting creature, this Venus under glass, an old party doll whose introspection both traps and enlarges her into the myth that she’s only visible when her eyes are open, noticed only when someone is looking, which I suppose is supreme self-centeredness. Her only motion is when someone decides to move her, just like a doll. Fascinating. – B


  3. ‘..a story imbued in a soul…’ indeed, and an old familiar one, retold with great impact here–especially those last lines, which are truly (over-used word alert!) chilling. But they are. I can relate to every word of this.


  4. “no one has got the time for those sinking within their own beings” Powerful ending. This personification of an inanimate object is chilling because we all know flesh that has or is experiencing the same things this statue is dealing with. A very creative take on the image.


  5. Helen says:

    No matter how hard we may try to hide aspects of ourselves, there we are .. wherever we go. I enjoyed your interpretation of the photograph.


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