Her thirst

her grapnels incise my flesh

the grume squirts out,

my grin evaporates,

I bear the sting of her,

ripping myself for her,

she gradually stoops down to look,

at the affected area, and suck through,

while I squirm in bouts of pleasure and

pain, desire and disdain, to stop her,

to her thirst, I abstain


For G-Man’s Friday Flash 55.

Image source

I am tagging it as the post for 16 November for NaBloPoMo. Please do share you feedback.

13 thoughts on “Her thirst

  1. Galen Haynes says:

    Perfectly Macabre…With a slightly romantic nuance.
    Loved your sanguine 55
    Very nicely written My Friend
    Thanks for playing, please join us again, have a Kick Ass Week-End


  2. whew…how could you resist…ha…you use intriguing language there in the beginning…had to break out the dictionary…def the sensualness of the horror…the pleasure and pain…


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