What we have become…

it was a large pond,

for all of us to drift,

preordained, to subsist, eat,

and share things of need,

be with each other, bicker,

yet always together,

despite of one’s color-

teal, orange, white, or red,

living in the perpetuity of harmony,


but what has become of us,

some grew up to be corpulent,

ripping off the skin of others,

there are those who bloat,

while others are left famished,

within the scrutiny, of

an interminable war of power,

crimson, bronze, grey, or pink,

water riddled, with blood stings,


intended to be fish spirits,

we ensued to be vultures


* For Friday Fictioneers.

18 thoughts on “What we have become…

  1. I love this poem piece by you.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the fish colors of metaphors reminds me of us humans, as people of all colors should unite and be good to one another. Am I right or wrong?

    Beautiful flow of words you have my friend. 🙂


  2. strong thoughts…and i really like your development of the meant to be fish yet we became vultures….great mixing of metaphors to really capture our life….and it goes on as well you know…into adulthood…


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