O sweet baby…

O sweet, sweet baby,

now you must go to sleep,

the fairies would arrive

to caress your cheeks,

I bestow upon you,

the world of dreams,

far away from life,

where there is a river,

of your beloved cream,

and the candied leaves, of

the chocolate trees,

the soil of love,

embracing you,

keeping you safe for me,


O sweet, sweet baby,

now you must wander around,

in the trails, of the forest,

chat with the bunnies,

and play with the monkeys,

they will tickle you, and

you shall laugh,

and appease my heart,

with your toothless grin,

you can walk up the hill,

and reach the cave, where

resides the treasure-

a glittering mirror, where you can see,

what is most precious to me,


O my darling baby, close your eyes,

with my gentle kiss, hush, and go to sleep


Don’t be surprised. Yes, I am quite a dark person but I can write some playful and light verses as well. Moreover, I love kids.

Written for dVerse Poetics; it is a sort of lullaby.

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29 thoughts on “O sweet baby…

  1. Johnny Ojanpera says:

    Good job using a different ‘attitude’. I felt like the second line was the essence. I have four sweethearts and getting them to sleep as babies was one of the greatest things. 😉


  2. Glenn Buttkus says:

    For some reason I can her Celine Dion first reciting this wonderful nighttime prayer and then singing it so sweetly, all that listen would burst into joyous tears; I loved it; thanks.


  3. what a sweet lullaby and what a world of magic we enter with our dreams… reminds me that it’s almost midnite over here and i should go to bed and catch a glimpse of that magic…smiles


  4. So precious HA. I love this. And I like your other friends above am not surprised to read this – just a lovely priceless lullaby. Save it – I am certain you will recite it someday…….


  5. glad to see your lighter side as well….made me think of all the wishes we have for our little ones…and wanting to give them those sweet dreams as well…if only we could always you know…smiles.


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