Concert of Heart


there you go,

you have come to the concert

of your beating heart,


you explore within yourself,

andante swimming through blood,

playing piano on the nerves,

drawing graffiti of your desires,


on the tri-layers of this beating blob,

you touch your life spirit,

by being where no one has ever been,

the lagoon of your identity,


you see and find your shades everywhere,

imprinted over one another after another,

in crescendo, you sing in your baritone,

the echoes of emotions,


you have kept in check for so long,

this is the bank where you store,

the depleted dreams and

borrow new ones on credit,


this is the piazza where thoughts

mingle with the feelings,

tending you to make decisions

and keep on going,


this is the villa you shall visit,

from time to time and bathe

in the Tuscan sunshine,

but you must now go back


before you are entranced

within this maze,

leave, go on,



* The words in italics are derived from Italian and have become a part of English dictionary. For dVerse Poetics.

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19 thoughts on “Concert of Heart

  1. love how you weave in the italian words.. and fell in love with the tuscan landscape and light when i visited about 2 years back… hope you’re soon feeling better as well…


  2. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Like working from a word list prompt, your improvisations, asides, & insights keep us there at your shoulder, holding the Boot’s laces, ready for more wine and fellowship at your magical house in Tuscany.


  3. Fantastic piece! Loved the tone you used in the opening and the closing, the Hi/Bye, it was a perfect encircling of this writing into a poem. I also loved all the words that you used, the musical ones were placed so gently yet effectively into the lines.


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