16 thoughts on “Straw Bundles Haiku

  1. What an amazing set HA really that first haiku is really a short story caught in a haiku and I hope that you will grant me permission to use it in one of our Tan Renga Challenges or in our Carpe diem Tan Renga month next november. I would be honored.


  2. I am now officially ready for autumn. Those bundles of straw, so lovingly depicted, contain not a single hint of regret that summer is coming to a close. These haiku made me strangely nostalgic for the countryside of my youth… Thanks so much for dropping by and encouraging me as well, HA. Peace, Amy


  3. Ah yes, I recall growing up in rural England harvest time was a village affair…as indeed was spring lambing. You’ve brought back some lovely memories HA, thank you 🙂


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