Day 11: A Book You Hated

Hate is an intense word. I would not use this word for anything in the whole world. I am going to rather discuss about the books which made me mad or angry.

First of all, I regret ever trying to read Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith.

There are multiple series with so many books! Why didn’t the world end in 2012!?

I made myself read them because I thought the story would become interesting. It was only in the middle of the third or fourth book (I don’t remember which… I wouldn’t want to remember either) that I lost my temper. Of course, I never completed that book, neither did I move on with the series. The problem with me was that the story was so morose and ugly that I couldn’t continue it after when a moment came which tortured my mind emotionally. Yes, it had that effect on me. If it is possible, I would burn all the books (all known copies) of these series and erase it entirely from the internet because world would definitely be a better place then. Still no hatred.

Another such book is Lightning by Danielle Steel. My review for the book on goodreads is as follows:-

This book is a gross mixture of some unrealistic and grotesque circumstances and it is a joke of the relationships. The story of Alex, a happy woman after 17 years of marriage comes to know that she has breast cancer and she has to go through mastectomy and chemotherapy; she has a hellish time going through it all while her amazing husband remains distant or angry, depending on his mood and gets tangled in an extra-marital affair. This is when she comes closer to her colleague who supports her through the hard times and they fell in love. And then one day, trouble befalls her husband and he is charged with the crimes of fraud and embezzlement and he realizes how much he loves his wife, who is now cured.

What happens next!? Our worthless protagonist realizes she still loves her husband and that very husband is saved from going to prison. And what happens to that person who helped her through hard times? – He is left in the dumpster all alone.

In the beginning, you sympathize with the protagonist but then, it is nothing. It is a play of emotions, which is not portrayed in the right away. The book could have been better if the author had created believable characters with a distinct personality. But it wasn’t so.

I do not like the plot line itself. But that is my opinion. It is full of absurdities to the very core. It is definitely a book, I would never open again because it somehow made me furious and enraged by the end of it.

Still no hatred.

I guess that is more than enough for today’s prompt. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Day 11: A Book You Hated

  1. Jaj, interesting, never read those books, but now I’m sure I’ll never read them. A book that I couldn’t stand was Beautiful Losers, of the genius Leonard Cohen. I love his poetry, but I couldn’t really get into his novel. I think it’s more a matter with myself and not that the book is bad, I read like half the book and I leave it without finishing. Another one was Memories of a Geisha. I loved the movie, but the book is too much dramatic, at least in the beginning.


    • Um, if you had to say anything, these books nowadays are really just Bram Stoker wannabes, noting he started fictional stories about vampires. Now if you really want to get technical though, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu was the first true vampire author, with his book Carmilla. Vampire stories have been around for ages, so before calling anyone’s work a wannabe, research a little bit. That’s like calling any romance novel writing today a Shakespeare wannabe. Like really, books will always be on the same topics that came before them, there’s a limit to the amount of topics something can be about. And lastly, The Vampire Diaries is actually a pretty good series and just taking someone else opinion on it isn’t the best way to go. You never know, you could actually love L.J. Smith’s work and not even know it. So, hey, just try things first.


  2. Um, I don’t really understand your dislike for The Vampire Diaries?? I guess that vampires were very played out, but this was actually one of the earlier series that I believe deserves more recognition than it gets. I know that you could say that I’m just a fan so why wouldn’t I defend it, but I know that there’s flaws in everything, and I wondering what made you say such non-approving words about this series?


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