Purpose of Life

purpose of life,

I look for, here and there,

search through my eyes,

listen through my ears,

the wisdom of men

who could tell me,

enlighten me,

what it is to live:


some say it is to love God,

that is what living is about,

praise the Lord, respect him,

fear him, beseech him;


some others say,

it is all about riches,

those bucks are what life is,

slay for it, bloody possess it anyway;


I stumble across many others,

asking them to share their mind

of what they thought,

life is about-


some say life is to slumber,

and eat and keep on doing it,

again and again

and yet again;


some others say life is a harlot,

so f**k it, stray around the streets,

inhabit the ditches,

and what the heck, smoke it away;


I am blind, flay my hands around,

asking why I should live; the purpose-


some say life is a smooth deal,

it is the passion, the lust, emotion,

that makes life what it is, hence the

purpose, my friend, is all about love;


I find others saying life is charity,

partake in virtuous deeds,

feed the starving and wipe away

the tears of the agonized, and hence you lived;


still confused, my head dizzy

I  plummet with the question at my tongue;


a man-woman approaches me,

and whispers into my ears,

life is you, life is me, stop asking

and start living and that is life;


and that is life, and that is life,

I am told, I wonder if that is life

*For dVerse: List Poetry

27 thoughts on “Purpose of Life

  1. ha, it was a wise thing she said in your ear…we are life…
    i was at a concert once and the singer pulled a girl up on stage to sing with him,
    she had a camera and was trying to take a picture with him during the song
    and he said to her, ‘darling, you are so busy trying to capture the moment you are going to miss it’…life is like that…

    ha, i like the stanza on life as a harlot…made me laugh, but true of some….


    • thanks. every moment we are alive is life, i guess. for me, it is just a guessing game. but may be I will realize life with conviction one day… because I’m one of those who stray away from the thoughts… 😀


    • thank you.
      the answer actually lies in who defines.. every being is different.. for every being, life is different and its purpose as well.. for someone, the purpose is to keep searching for the purpose.. I’m just musing.. don’t mind me. 🙂


  2. I really liked all of the speculation on what is the purpose of life. I have asked this myself on occasion. At one time I came up with the answer: The purpose of life is to touch others in as positive a way as possible…but that was a while back. I still think that idea has merit. However, I do like the answer given….stop asking and start living makes sense to me.


    • I am no one to answer such an important question. I am searching… wondering till the very end, if you may notice.
      But I think there is not a single perfect answer for everyone.. everyone has to look for the one which is for them.
      Thanks for reading. Have a good day! 🙂


  3. Oh I think that is true…just live your life and you’ll find your own meaning whatever that may be… but live it! Terrific write and list of those overwhelming questions. 🙂


  4. Life is indeed what you make of it–each of us chooses our path to follow, and it is not how we handle the straightaways, but how we handle the detours that helps us to a better understanding of who we are and where we are going. Nicely penned.


  5. ds says:

    Beautiful and wise. I like the way this meanders (like the wave line in the photograph) to the final point: life is us, stop asking & start living. How often we forget that. Thank you.


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