For Charles!

*Please pardon me for my futile efforts, Charles. And a message to everyone- please don’t read if your poetic ears are quite sensitive. I won’t take the responsibility. I have already warned you. 😀


you re-blogged my post

when I did it finally-

framed a poetry collection

and put it up online,

then you followed me

and I followed you back,

and what a pleasure I do have

in reading your creations:

the publishing suggestions,

your experiences you share,

post the tidbits from your books

or your poems from the age

I find myself at, today,

you show your kindness

always in your remarks

and provide a nice feedback,

I am thankful for all that,

it is always difficult for me

to write something keeping

a particular being in mind

but I tried and wrote up

something you would find

without any rhythm or rhyme

but this is written

with a sole purpose in mind

which was to thank you

and I guess I did that,

what a silly ending!

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